LinkBook ODBC Driver for QuickBooks

LinkBook is an Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver that allows applications to access data in QuickBooks databases using the Structured Query Language (SQL).

LinkBook enables ODBC-compliant Windows applications to communicate with your QuickBooks and QuickBooks Pro databases, allowing you to utilize the latest Windows front-end applications such as Access, Excel and Crystal Reports and letting you merge and systematically migrate legacy QuickBooks databases to Windows applications.

LinkBook Price List

Download the LinkBook Documentation and Drivers.

View the Release Notes of recent versions or a compilation of Frequently Asked Questions.

Hill Croft Information Technologies welcomes your Fault Reporting feedback and will endevour to provide a timely fix.

A Patched version of the current release of LinkBook can now be downloaded.

LinkBook is currently a read-only ODBC driver for QuickBooks databases.  A Beta of the read-write version of LinkBook can now be downloaded.

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