LinkBook Price List

The sole-user version of LinkBook exclusively locks QuickBooks databases making them inaccessible to other users. The multi-user version of LinkBook is required if QuickBooks databases are to be shared with other users (including QuickBooks itself).

Each concurrent open connection to a QuickBooks database requires one seat. Some front-end applications, such as Microsoft Access, release connections very slowly. Other applications never release connections unless the application is closed and may require a licence for several seats to satisfy all the desired database connections.

The following price list is effective from the 2nd April 2007:

Sole-User (Workstation):

  1 Seat, Read-Only                             140

Multi-User (Server):

         2 Seat, Read-Only                             210

  5 Seat, Read-Only                             420


10 Seat, Read-Only                             630

20 Seat, Read-Only                             945

50 Seat, Read-Only                           1890

Prices are subject to change without notice.

LinkBook is currently a read-only ODBC driver for QuickBooks databases.  Hill Croft Information Technologies has now released a Beta of the read-write version of LinkBook.

Value Added Tax of 17.5% should be added to all payments from countries within the E.E.C.  For Licence Payment details, please refer to the Hill Croft Information Technologies home page.

Licences are not transferable and are provided for use on a specified network server or workstation. A re-licence fee is chargeable if server sitecode details change and necessitate a new licence. Sitecode details may change if a server hard disk is re-formatted, or the network management software is updated.  Sole-User (Workstation) licences cannot be re-issued and are provided for short-term data transfer only.

If it is likely that licences will be required on several workstations, it is recommended that a multi-user (Server) licences is purchased.

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