LinkBook Release Notes

The current release version of LinkBook is 10.00

This release of LinkBook is qualified with the following versions of QuickBooks:

    Canadian Version 6.0
    Canadian Version 8.0 (2000)
    Canadian Version 9.0 (2001)
    Canadian Version 10.0 (2002)
    UK Version 6.0
    UK Version 8.0
    UK Version 9.0 (2001)
    UK Version 10.0 (2002)
    UK Version 12.0 (2003)
    USA Version 5.0
    USA Version 6.0
    USA Version 7.0
    USA Version 8.0 (2000)
    USA Version 9.0 (2001)
    USA Version 10.0 (2002)
    USA Version 12.0 (2003)
    New Zealand Version 6.0
    Australian Version 7.0
    Australian Version 8.0

The following problems cannot be resolved:

Some QuickBooks fields can accommodate approximately 4096 characters.  If LinkBook makes the full 4096 characters available, Access 97 represents these fields as Memo fields, but corrupts calls to LinkBook when a field is listed anywhere other than the last field in a table.  Unless a long field is the last field in a QuickBooks table, the internal LinkBook data dictionary limits these fields to 250 characters.

The following problems in release 10 will be fixed in release 11:

This release does not support 2004 versions of QuickBooks.
This release does not support 2005 versions of QuickBooks.

LinkBook may return invalid values for AVG and SUM functions in a query.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, try downloading the Patched version of LinkEase - if you
still experience these, or any other problems, report them back to the authors. You might find the
Frequently Asked Questions page helpful.

The following problems in release 9 were fixed in release 10:

LinkBook would GPF with an Invalid Page Fault following a call to SQLBindParameter with the pcbValue argument set to SQL_NULL_DATA.

LinkBook could fail to respond when the Licence Directory path length was greater than 37 bytes.

LinkBook found no 'INNER JOIN' records when the related key fields were of a different type.

LinkBook may have 'hung' when attempting to display an error message on a web server.

LinkBook may not have properly formatted Timestamp fields, such as 'Created' and 'Modified'.

The following problems in release 8 were fixed in release 9:

LinkBook was not qualified with the Canadian version 9.0 (2001) of QuickBooks.

LinkBook was not qualified with any version 10.0 (2002) of QuickBooks.

LinkBook did not accept search patterns in calls to Catalog functions.

LinkBook sometimes returned incorrect values in large monetary fields because of internal imprecision.

LinkBook returned an error when fetching DATA_TYPE from the result set following a call to SQLColumns if the target column was of type Boolean, such as the field 'Taxable' in the 'Transactions' table.

LinkBook erroneously returned all records in a table when selecting only those records where the data in two fields was different.

LinkBook erroneously returned a list of all the QuickBooks tables after calls to SQLTables with the szTableType parameter set to 'VIEW'.

LinkBook did not recognise shortened values, such as 'TAB' or 'VI', in the szTableType parameter in calls to SQLTables.

LinkBook incorrectly mapped the 'Closed' field in the 'Transaction Items' table.

The following problems in release 7 were fixed in release 8:

LinkBook wasn't qualified with any International versions of 2001.

LinkBook didn't make the Budgets table available.

LinkBook didn't return all Timesheets table records.

LinkBook didn't properly handle underscores in table names.

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