Download the current patched version of LinkBook (10.21)

The next release of the LinkBook ODBC Driver for QuickBooks
based on this patched version will be 11.00

Download the driver and use PKZIP to extract all the files to a 1.44 MB floppy disk.
Then run setup.exe from the floppy disk.

Download the LinkBook 32-bit Driver (17th February 2007) Patch

This patched version of LinkBook addresses the following issues:

This patched version of LinkBook is additionally qualified with the following versions of QuickBooks:

    UK Version 13.0 (2004)
    UK Version 14.0 (2005)
    USA Version 13.0 (2004)
    Canada Version 16.0 (2007).

LinkBook now returns valid values for AVG and SUM functions in a query

This patched version of LinkBook fixes the problems detailed above, but others may have been introduced. Careful consideration should be given before using this version in a production environment. Patched versions of LinkBook will eventually be released formally when warranted by sufficient user experience. Previously released versions should be retained!

Evaluations of this patched version of LinkBook are most welcome.

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