Download the current beta version of LinkBook (8.83)

Download the driver and use PKZIP to extract all the files to a 1.44 MB floppy disk.
Then run setup.exe from the floppy disk.

Download the LinkBook 32-bit Driver (3rd September 2002) Beta

This beta version of LinkBook has the following limitations:

LinkBook will not share QuickBooks data with other users and opens databases exclusively.

LinkBook will not allow the insertion or deletion of records.

LinkBook will not allow the modification of records which would result in changes to QuickBooks indexes.

LinkBook will not allow the modification of 'key' fields.

This beta version of LinkBook introduces a read-write capability, but has several limitations. These limitations will be gradually removed as testing proves each version to be sufficiently robust for beta release. This version should not be used in a production environment. The beta version of LinkBook will eventually be released formally when warranted by sufficient user experience. Previously released versions should be retained!

LinkBook provides access to the underlying QuickBooks data structures and does not attempt to validate any data that is being written to a database.  Any changes that are made to a database should be thoroughly tested to ensure that they are acceptable to QuickBooks.

Evaluations of this beta version of LinkBook are most welcome.

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