LinkEase Price List

The sole-user version of LinkEase exclusively locks DataEase databases making them inaccessible to other users. The multi-user version of LinkEase is required if DataEase databases are to be shared with other users (including DataEase itself).

Each concurrent open connection to a DataEase database requires one seat. Some front-end applications, such as Microsoft Access, release connections very slowly. Other applications, such as DataEase Plus and NetPlus, never release connections unless the application is closed and may require a licence for several seats to satisfy all the desired database connections.

The following price list is effective from the 1st September 2019:

Sole-User (Workstation):

  1 Seat, Read-Only                             £320


  1 Seat, Read-Write                            £640


Multi-User (Server):


  2 Seat, Read-Only                             £480


  5 Seat, Read-Only                             £960


10 Seat, Read-Only                           £1440


20 Seat, Read-Only                           £2160


50 Seat, Read-Only                           £4320


  2 Seat, Read-Write                            £960


  5 Seat, Read-Write                          £1920


10 Seat, Read-Write                          £2880


20 Seat, Read-Write                          £4320


50 Seat, Read-Write                          £8640


Prices are subject to change without notice.

For Licence Payment details, please refer to the Hill Croft Information Technologies home page.

Special discounts for DataEase consultants are available. Substantial discounts are available to agents who are able to market LinkEase in their territories.

All versions of LinkEase can connect with DataEase databases that are located on network servers.

Licences are not transferable and are provided for use on a specified network server or workstation. A re-licence fee is chargeable if server sitecode details change and necessitate a new licence. Sitecode details may change if a server hard disk is re-formatted, or the network management software is updated.  Sole-User (Workstation) licences cannot be re-issued and are provided for short-term data transfer only.

If it is likely that licences will be required on several workstations, it is recommended that a multi-user (Server) licences is purchased.

The limited number of legacy DataEase DOS users has resulted in a fall in the number of LinkEase licences being sold and those sales no longer cover the costs of supporting existing LinkEase users.  ‘Free’ support will now only be available for 3 months after a licence is issued – and thereafter a charge will be made.