Download LinkEase Documentation and Drivers

The current release of the LinkEase ODBC Driver for DataEase is 58.00

Download the driver and use PKZIP to extract all the files to a 1.44 MB floppy disk.
Then run setup.exe from the floppy disk:

LinkEase 32-bit Driver (3rd April 2021)

LinkEase documentation comprises a Word 6 file, LinkEase.doc.

Novell NetWare users may need to download an appropriate client by visiting the Novell Download Site.

Microsoft Access users may be interested in two White Papers which cover the portion of the Microsoft Jet Database Engine that deals with Open Database Connectivity data:

Jet Database Engine ODBC Connectivity

Jet Database Engine Version 3.0: ODBC Connectivity

The LinkEase driver is now only supplied in a 32-bit version. The version that is needed is determined by the application using LinkEase - NOT by the Windows operating system nor the DataEase database being accessed. 16-bit applications like DataEase for Windows, Plus and NetPlus, and Microsoft Office Access 2 and Excel 5 can connect with data sources using either the 16-bit or the 32-bit LinkEase driver, whereas 32-bit applications like Microsoft Office 95 and 97 products require the 32-bit LinkEase driver. Products like Crystal Reports, can be purchased as 16 or 32 bit applications. Most recently purchased applications will require a 32-bit LinkEase driver.

The LinkEase ODBC driver for DataEase includes a default Demonstration / Evaluation licence that will only 'see' the first 50 records in each table of any DataEase database - otherwise, it is a full working version of LinkEase. The restrictions can be removed simply by registering a full licence.

View the release notes of this version.

A Patched version of LinkEase can now be downloaded.

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