Why LinkEase?

LinkEase conforms to Level 1 API and Minimum SQL Grammar. However, LinkEase is the only ODBC driver that implements DATE, TIME and TIMESTAMP literals from the Extended SQL Grammar in order to allow DataEase for Windows to modify other native DataEase forms / tables that contain date and / or time fields.

LinkEase is based on the well-proven DataPlus API for DataEase which has been under constant development and improvement since 1990.

LinkEase works with all versions of DataEase, pre and post 5.0, Windows as well as DOS. New DataEase features that are implemented include Fast Text, Long Date and Compound Indices. LinkEase is the only 16 bit ODBC driver that handles native DataEase 5.x databases.

LinkEase is the only ODBC driver that interfaces with the new DataEase Plus/NetPlus scalable RADD software.

LinkEase is the only ODBC driver that encrypts your sensitive password in the ODBC.INI file.

LinkEase is the only ODBC driver that handles all encrypted forms / tables (as well as the User form) - thus maintaining the integrity of passwords and other sensitive user data.

The data administrator can strengthen data security by assigning individual users any one of seven security levels. The assigned security level determines the forms the user can access, and which fields on a form can be viewed or modified. LinkEase is the only ODBC driver that respects the access design implemented by the database administrator and only allows access to forms / tables and fields that are permitted by the Security Level associated with the user. Thus, for example, if the database administrator intended a low-level user to only be able to add new records to, or modify existing records in, a personnel form without being able to ‘see’ the Salary field, that form can safely be offered to the same user through LinkEase.

LinkEase automatically updates all indices when a record is added, modified or deleted.

One of the most powerful uses of an ODBC driver is to combine data from more than one related table using INNER JOINS. LinkEase is the only ODBC driver that optimises its access algorithm in order to use the indices on the related columns of a native DataEase database. Without this feature, some queries would take an unacceptably long time to complete.

Novell implements the shared locks needed by DataEase. On Microsoft, and other networks, records can only be locked exclusively and DataEase has had to implement a complex shadow locking strategy to ensure that while one user is locking a record for update, other users can still read the same record. LinkEase is the only ODBC driver that implements the DataEase shadow locking strategy and so works with most popular network software - including Novell and Microsoft.

Why Accept Second Best?

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